Bridge to Arbitrum: Multichain

What is Multichain?

Multichain is a Cross-Chain Router Protocol Secured, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3 with access to a vast network of ecosystems.

Step by Step guide to transferring Tokens using Multichain

  1. Visit Multichain and click “Enter App”

  2. Connect your Wallet

  3. Select the Network you would like to bridge from

  4. Select the assets that you wish to bridge from

  5. Input the amount that you would like to transfer into the number field

  6. Select the asset you wish to bridge

  7. Select the destination chain you wish to bridge to

  8. Click "Approve Token" to grant Multichain approval to perform the transaction

  9. Click “Swap” to complete your transfer


Once all confirmed, that's it! Just wait up to a few minutes and your assets should be fully transferred and ready to use on the Arbitrum network.