How to bridge ETH to Arbitrum

How to bridge ETH to Arbitrum

1. Enter into Multichain “Router” page

2. Connect wallet

Multichain has supported many mainstream wallets including MetaMask, MetaX, Coin98, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, BitKeep, etc and MetaMask is used here as an example.

  1. Click Connect Wallet

  2. Select MetaMask wallet to connect. The connection is successful if your account address is displayed in the upper right corner.

3. Set up mainnet

The Ethereum mainnet is MetaMask’s default network. You can also switch to another network to bridge your ETH.

4. Cross-chain swap

  1. Confirm your source chain, Ethereum for example

  2. Select ETH asset

  3. Select Arbitrum

  4. Enter ETH amount

  5. Click the Swap button

Note: there is no need to go through ETH contract approval if the source chain is Ethereum, but if you switch to other chains and it’s your first time to bridge ETH via Multichain, you need to conduct a contract approval first and it’s a once-off process.