All addresses used are open source and verifiable.


From the Vault UI, one can easily find the Strategy addresses and Vault addresses. Additionally, all Key Of Life vault contracts can be viewed on dashboard. One can use this dashboard for example to check the harvesting and compounding rate of a vault.


Key Of Life's contracts do not use external oracles. The problem with oracles is, in short, that its data can be inaccurate or manipulated, and unreliable oracles can lead to exploits. Because Key Of Life's contracts do not rely on external data in any form, such as asset prices, our vaults are not susceptible to flashloan exploits.

Example contracts

  • (to be announced)

Treasury Multisigs

Key Of Life's treasury spending is secured by requiring multiple signatures from the team:

  • BSC: (to be announced)

  • Arbitrum: (to be announced)

  • Avalanche: (to be announced)

  • Fantom: (to be announced)

  • Polygon: (to be announced)